Here at Dag Groupage Services, our teams always suggest the most cost – effective method to transport your cargo.

No matter the port of loading or the port of discharging, our teams are devoted to assist all your needs.
We also additionally provide other essential services such as container consolidation, loading and unloading, road transport, warehousing and customs clearance for the best price.

As ocean freight is the best choice for bulk goods transportation, you can choose FCL or LCL for all your import and export requirements if your overall cargo volume does not meet one full container requirements.

By working with a leading FCL & LCL consolidator like us, you benefit from outstanding transit times and fexible, integrated multi modal solutions for pre- and on-carriage from port to port.

Talking about the delivery of FCL, once it arrives at the port, it is unloaded from the vessel and delivered to the consignee.

The situation is different with LCL because LCL requires a lot of documentation, consolidation of other shipments and categorization of packages for each customer, each stage takes time.

Although LCL is expensive per cubic meter, When compared with air freight: LCL is the most cost effective way and the best way of transportation for consignments that does not fit with FCL.

If your package is not enough to fill a standard container we recommend you to use LCL which is the most cost effective method of sea transportation and if your shipment is large with enough commodities to fill up a container then FCL is the way to go.

Do you always ship small loads of LCL (14 cubic meters)? Why not wait another 2 -3 weeks and pile up all the small packages together and use our FCL service.

This strategy will further improve cost – effectiveness, helping your company to benefit from economies of scale ultimately increasing your income.


We always believe in the clarity of our services. Why hesitate?


Contact our ocean freight team: oceanfreight@daggroupage.com